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This on-line simracing competition uses Sim Software called rFactor 2 which can be purchased on Steam with the following link: rFactor 2

This championship is a car racing simulation competition that uses a PC (Personal Computer, not console). Participants must prepare their respective tools and ensure that the simulator and internet tools run smoothly in participating in the championship. It is highly recommended to use a controller in the form of a steering wheel and adequate pedals.



This competition is open to simracers who are Indonesian citizens or foreigners.

Participants will be divided into 2 classes, International Class and National Class. Class division will be determined by the committee based on race results in HME leagues and driver ratings.

The maximum number of participants in one grid is 32, International and national classes will be mixed. It is possible that participants who reside in Indonesia will be admitted to the International class based on certain considerations.

If the registrant reaches more than 40, participants will be divided into 2 grids, the International Class Grid and the National Class Grid. The length of the race is fixed at 40 minutes in each class, and will be broadcast live on HM Engineering’s Youtube channel. The first race is the National class race, then the International class race.

Electronic goods and merchandise prizes from Logitech G are only given to the National class, which is a class for participants who live in Indonesia.

International class will only get prize money and e-Certificate.

The livery competition is only for participants who live in Indonesia, Logitech G will give prizes to the 3 best livery.

The results of the class division will be announced on this website and the committee’s decision regarding the class division cannot be contested.


Car mod (BMW M4 Class 1 2021): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2525930688
Mandatory livery template: Link
Mandatory Mod Pack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2645957725

Livery submission deadline: 17 Nov 2021, 23.59 GMT+7 (WIB)


Flag Rules: Black flag only.
Fuel Usage: Normal
Tire Usage: Normal
Mech Failures: Normal


Race Time Schedule
Time zone: GMT+7 (Jakarta)

19:00 Briefing in Teamspeak (All Participants)

19:30 Qualifying (5 min.)
Warm up (5 min.)
Race (40 min.)
Podium winners interview (5 min.)

20:30 Qualifying (5 min.)
Warm up (5 min.)
Race (40 min.)
Podium winners interview (5 min.)

21:30 Qualifying (5 min.)
Warm up (5 min.)
Race (40 min.)
Podium winners interview (5 min.)


Type of Start: Manual rolling start (double files) with formation.


Auto Clutch ON
Damage Multiplier 50%
Stability Control OFF
Auto Shifting OFF
Steering Help OFF
Braking Help OFF
Invulnerability OFF
Auto Pit Stop OFF
Opposite Lock OFF
Spin Recovery OFF
AI Toggle OFF


Weather: Real Weather based on Cloud Radar

Race Start Time: 10.00AM or based on real life event.
Race Time Scale: normal


Real Road (Rubber)

Practice: Auto-Save, Naturally Progressing 15X
Qualifying: Naturally Progressing 15X
Race: Naturally Progressing 15X



Prize for International Class:
Money prize
e-Certificate for Top 10 final driver standings

Prize for National 1 Class:
1st Winner – Headset Logitech G733
2nd Winner – Mouse Logitech G502
3rd Winner – Mouse Logitech G102
4th to 8th – Logitech G Cap
Money prize
e-Certificate for Top 10 final driver standings.

Livery competition prize:
1st Winner – Logitech G T-Shirt + e-Certificate
2nd Winner – Logitech G Tumbler + e-Certificate
3rd Winner – Logitech G Cap + e-Certificate

Money Prize Scheme

1. Money prizes based on Prize Calculation Scheme (for top half in driver standings only).
2. Reserve money for champion driver.

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